Okay. So yeah. JE fandom has been not giving us material to work.

So Danni and I made a decision.


It's now KPFL, has in Kpop Funny Listings.


We are looking for a third member, to help us create the lists.

So if you're funny.

And somewhat lazy.

And are interested.


Actually, CONTACT ME.

at @Nokazkuran12 in Twitter




I fail. No. We Fail.

Okay. So no JEFL list last week.

Why, you ask?. We are having listmakers-block. And me and Bambi are taking turns at being sick. Last week, she had severe headaches. And this week, the flu hit me. HARD. I can barely function. And I have exams. Important ones.

So, yes. This week, the only thing you'll get is a minor gif spam.

Give ideas, and I'll consider posting it up. Somewhere around..... Wednesday. Or Friday XD.

With love,

Nokaz (and supposedely Bambi)

He's as clueless as us about list topics.

If it turns out i have the swine... It's his fault xD.

... A) Buttsex in the first part, they're doing it wrong. B) GOD. That shows some strenght from our boys *.*

... I wished i was there to LOL with the rest of the staff XD

I think 90% of our readers just fainted. I do no tfind this guy hot. Cute yes.... but hot, no. <- If you read that, no hate, plz XD

Bitch can have them all. BUT IF SHE DARES TO TOUCH SEXY BEAST TAEC ((C)TKPA).....Brb, searching for my bazooka. Bitch killing time.

... This is just... the best XD, TaeWoo- oppa, hwaiting !

... I haz no words XD.

I... am so like that XD

(no subject)

Well... Feel free to shoot me.

Well, the past week there was no list... because Bambi and I are WAY TOO BUSY with classes. We need someone to help us out with the com. Basicly, to post up the lists XD, since that's what takes most of my time XD.

But anyway, this weeks list!!!!

Click for it!

(KEVIN demands you to)

Collapse )

OK. Just a random piece of opinion from me.



Today, I bring you, Nokaz' Thoughts.

I just listened to the new MV's... (Big Bang and Bom's).
Bom's MV is beautiful. It made me cry. And Big Bang's... made me jizz.

And the most random thing of this SHORT post is...

.... Nobody's safe. If the fierce JO-Queen got it. Then we are all helpless against it. There aren't enough gallons of Disinfectant to save us from it.

Just one sentence. DBSK SLAVE CONTRACT.

With that said... I'm going to study for my Portuguese exam.

Thank you for reading this piece of s***.


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JEFL Image's are DOWN.

Yup. We... were pwned by Photobucket. I'm trying to put some of the images up with Image Shack. But i have an exam tomorrow... and on Friday, so i don't know if they will be up before the weekend.

I am very sorry.

Update: So... I fixed the list's image, and the header... but i'm so not fixing our mood theme XD. People who have personalized moodtheme's now how putting them up is a pain in the ass. So, i'll wait for photobucket to put it up. I'll try to put the mood theme ON the actual posts, since that shit is hilarious.


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